Childbirth Education & Preparation

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FreeSpirit Birth

Imagining you’ll wing it when it comes to labor and birth is not a good idea! Preparation is absolutely key - just ask anyone who’s been there and done that.

The 7 Chapters for Birth is presented to you by FreeSpirit Birth - Knoxville’s Normal Birth Expert. The sessions are lively, interesting, interactive and comparable to nothing else offered in the Knoxville area.

With more than 20 years and over 1000 couples mentored, you’ll know you’re in good hands from the moment you walk in the door.


Angela Hill

My work with families is very much about moving into connection. I use movement and bodywork to help mamas connect to their bodies and to help baby get into the optimal position. Post-partum, I help parents with their connection to their infants and to themselves and to teach them how to use movement and touch for optimal development and co-regulation. I am a Structural Integration Bodyworker, Craniosacral Therapist, Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor and Dancing For Birth Instructor. To find out more about my classes, support groups and workshops for families please my Facebook page at