Expectant and new parents are in a unique position.

You desperately want to do what's right and healthy and best for your growing baby and family. And in this day and age is hard to know where to get reliable, responsible advice, information and services.

Knoxville Pregnancy & Parenting takes care of that for you.

Looking for acupuncture to assist with fertility? Need a prenatal yoga class to supplement your pregnancy health? Searching for a dentist for your child and family? Knoxville Pregnancy & Parenting is a judgment free zone where you can shop for a provider or service from the comfort of your home without pressure nor persuasion. These providers are so important and we accomplish a lot together. At Knoxville Pregnancy & Parenting you will find a diverse group of practitioners and professionals who help pave your way smoothly through pregnancy and into parenthood.


Our Mission

To provide the best services to families across the Knoxville and surrounding areas from fertility awareness and assistance to pregnancy and birth to postpartum and parenting. It does, indeed, take a village to raise a child and your village begins here!

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